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What is a resident agent?

The resident agent must reside in Nevada and receive legal documents on the corporation's behalf. All Nevada Corporations are required to have a resident agent.

Here are the benefits to you:

  1. Telephone and e-mail support to answer your general business questions.
  2. Provide an additional buffer between the State and your business, giving you additional privacy.
  3. Provide a Nevada address for service of legal process in the state of incorporation.
  4. Forward official state and federal mail.
  5. Forward annual reports.
  6. Send you all legal service of process immediately for your attention.
  7. Provide documents for the minutes to your annual meetings.

For an additional fee, we can also provide a complete Nevada office for your company including a physical office space, answering the telephone for your business, receiving faxes and forwarding all mail with our "Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program."

Here is the definition of "resident agent" according to Nevada State law:

NRS 78.010 Definitions; construction.

(f) "Resident agent" means the agent appointed by the corporation upon whom process or a notice or demand authorized by law to be served upon the corporation may be served.

(j) "Street address" of a resident agent means the actual physical location in this state at which a resident agent is available for service of process.

Nevada State law requires each corporation to have a resident agent:

NRS 78.090 Resident agent required; address of registered office...penalty for noncompliance...

1. ...every corporation must have a resident agent who resides or is located in this state. Every resident agent must have a street address for the service of process...The street address of the resident agent is the registered office of the corporation in this state.

3. Every corporation organized pursuant to this chapter which fails or refuses to comply with the requirements of this section is subject to a fine...

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