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Why Nevada is #1?

  1. Nevada is Corporate income tax FREE.
  2. Nevada is personal income tax FREE.
  3. Can register to do business in all 50 states
  4. Maximum protection for Officers and Directors
  5. Privacy and anonymity of owners
  6. One person corporations are legal in Nevada .
  7. In Nevada , names of shareholders are not a matter of public record.
  8. Nevada is FREE from gross receipt tax.
  9. Nevada is FREE from franchise tax.
  10. Nevada is FREE from inventory tax.
  11. Nevada is FREE from tax on issuance of corporate shares.
  12. Shareholders and Directors are not required to live in Nevada .
  13. Nevada is FREE from tax on sale or transfer of shares.
  14. Nevada is FREE from succession or inheritance tax.
  15. Simple, inexpensive annual requirements.
  16. Nevada is FREE from initial or minimum capital requirements.
  17. Business friendly culture.

What is a corporation?

When you incorporate, you form a separate legal person. Of course, it is not a real living breathing human being, but legally, in business, it is just as much of a person as you are.

Your corporation is separate and apart from you and, in most cases, it doesn’t matter if you are its only stockholder, Director, Officer and employee. That corporation is a separate person. It can do business in all 50 states when simple procedures are followed.

With a corporation you have the flexibility and the protection of being able to create a person that you can think for. You can thoroughly trust that person. It doesn't have a mind of its own - it only does what you tell it.

Does that mean that you could put a corporation in a position of being sued instead of you? Yes.

Does that mean that you could create a corporation to pay taxes on certain income instead of you? Yes.

Does that mean, when structured properly, you could have a corporation in another state, which charges no corporate income tax and then let it earn money state income tax free, instead of you earning it and paying state income tax? Yes.

These are just some of the reasons why millions of corporations are formed by business people. Plus, if you get to the point where it makes sense to raise money through selling stock in your corporation like the wealthiest Americans and you have met the legal requirements, your wealth can skyrocket! A corporation gives you the ability to limit your risk, increase your profits, get loans, raise capital, and much more.

Many people enjoy the prestige, respect and satisfaction of being the president of their own corporation year after year.

One may also have the ability to save ones family money on taxes each year by being able to deduct corporate expenses.

In addition, one can experience the internal satisfaction of knowing, like the wealthiest Americans, one has taken a big step necessary to achieve one's goals of financial freedom.

You can use your corporation to operate your business. You can use your corporation to trade in the stock market. You can use your corporation to manage income properties. You can use your corporation to do any number of businesses you operate either full or part time. You can operate your corporation out of your own home.

When you order the recommended Corporate Kit (pictured here) you will receive the following:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By-laws
  • Minutes
  • Stock certificates
  • Stock transfer ledger
  • Initial tax forms
  • Corporate seal engraved with the name of your company - to seal official papers
  • Brass engraved company nameplate

Below we have listed some of our optional money-saving corporate packages.

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Corporate Basics

Corporate Bronze

Corporate Silver

Corporate Gold

24 Hour Incorporation Service

Federal Tax ID Number

Certificate of Good Standing




Filing as a Foreign Corporation in your Home State




Nevada  or Wyoming Bank Account Setup


Mail Forwarding


Corporate Consulting Membership


Initial Offer List State Filing Fee


Seminar Attendance for Two


Nominee Service for Privacy


Nevada or Wyoming   Based Corp Office Package



Nevada or Wyoming State Business License



Dun and Bradstreet Number Registration



Resolutions, Amendments, and Meeting Minutes. Services



Estate Plan Analysis



Pension Plan Analysis




DBA Filing




Tax Consulting with CPA




3-6 Month Old Aged Shelf Corporation




When you incorporate in Nevada or any other jurisdiction, you form a new person; a legal person created by statute. It is not you. You are not it. It is separate from you.

Corporation = Person

There are two common ways people use Nevada corporations:

1. To operate a business in the home state of the owner(s) of the corporation. 


2. To eliminate state income taxes, significantly reduce federal income taxes, and provide financial privacy.

Corporations formed in one state can do business in all 50 states (much like a person born in once state can later move to another state to work). For example, John owns a trucking business in California. He wants to form a Nevada corporation for his business. So, he simply has a corporation formed in Nevada and then he has the Nevada corporation registered to do business in California.

The second common way to use a Nevada corporation is to eliminate state income taxes. For example, Fred, an Ohio resident, wants his business and investment profits to be paid to his Nevada corporation to eliminate his state taxes and lower his federal taxes. If he has stock market investments he first sets up a Nevada limited liability company to hold his investment portfolio. Then he sets up a Nevada corporation to manage his investments. Active, management income for a corporation is taxed at a lower tax rate than passive, investment income. So, his Nevada corporation manages the investment account and receives active income. The management fees paid to the Nevada corporation are earned in Nevada free from state taxes. The business he operates in his home state also hires his Nevada corporation for consulting services, or to supply him with business supplies at a mark-up further reducing his state taxes.

Illustration - Using corporation to lower
eliminate state income taxes.

In order for your Nevada corporation to eliminate state income taxes and take advantage of the TAX FREE Nevada laws there are some simple rules that must be followed. It must be able to legally prove that the corporation is a legitimate, operating business in Nevada . To do so, it must pass these four simple tests:

1. It must have an actual Nevada business address and canceled checks or credit card statements showing that it has paid for its own business location.

2.. Your corporation must have a Nevada phone number.

3.. Your corporation must have a business license if applicable to its line of business.

4.. Your corporation must have a bank or brokerage account in Nevada . It's actually quite easy. In order for your corporation to legally earn money state tax free in Nevada , your corporation must have a legitimate base of operations in Nevada . A PO Box or a mail drop box won't meet the legal test. If you want to take advantage of the wonderful TAX FREE advantages of a Nevada Corporation, one might as well do it right. And you can...for a surprisingly low price.'ll sleep a lot better!

As you know, to launch your own office in Nevada would be quite a tremendous expense. So, is there a better alternative? YES there is. It is called the Nevada Corporate Headquarters Program.

With the Nevada Corporate Headquarters Program, you receive actual office space available on an appointment basis, a shared telephone number and contracted employees in Nevada . All of these are valuable elements of proof of a genuine corporate operation in Nevada . We also help you get a local business license and bank account in Nevada .

What is the cost of the
Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program?

First of all, let's take a look at the cost of a typical office. Then we'll see how the Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program can save you money

                  Typical Office Cost

1. Office rent

$ 800

2. Staff person


3. Electricity/water/trash


4. Telephone


5. Maint./Maid service


6. Social Security


7. Unemployment


8. Local taxes


9. Office supplies


10. Insurance



TOTAL Monthly Cost

$ 3604

That's $43,248 per year!

     Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program Cost

Only $995 per year. (Only $110 per month if paid a the monthly basis.) offers the Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program for far less. You get our professional, friendly service for as low as $995 per year! Because of our high volume of business, we are able to offer this valuable service at a considerably low cost!

The Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program will cost you only $110 per month if you pay on a month-to-month basis. This program requires and initial deposit of $330 to cover the first month and the last to months and requires a a one-year minimum commitment. Better yet, you can take advantage of our $325 discount for yearly pre-payment! You pay only $995 for an entire year of service!

Act now. Do things right? It pays for itself in the long run...and the short run. Call 1-800-959-8819 or order online right now to take advantage of the wonderful TAX SAVINGS and PRIVACY available with your Nevada Corporate Headquarters Program now.

See what you receive with the
Corporate Office Headquarters Program:

a. An actual Nevada street address -- staffed with contracted employees from 8 am to 5pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday... not simply a P.O. box or a mail drop

b. Mail forwarding service personalized to your needs

c. A Nevada shared telephone number answered by a live receptionist

d. A Nevada fax number

e. Help opening a Nevada bank account if desired

f. Help applying for a Nevada business license

g. Live contract employees to greet your callers during business hours.

h. Notary service

i. Secretarial service

j. Privacy

k. The best contract office value in Nevada

Nominee Privacy Service

In addition to the Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program, offers a unique service to give you a BIG extra layer of privacy and protection. The names of officers and directors of a corporation are listed in the public records. Many of our clients do not want their personal names to be publicly listed. So, to protect our clients from prying eyes, will assign one of our associates to stand in for you as the officers and directors of your corporation to keep your name out of the public records . This service is offered at a very low price of only $500 annually. .

Though you have chosen to have nominee officers for your corporation, you remain in control. As a majority stockholder, you can always vote the nominee officers out of the corporation. In addition, your nominee officers do not touch any funds associated with the corporation. You can retain the signature authority over all accounts. Your nominees do not have access or signature authority over any corporate account. They simply fulfill the legal requirement for a corporation to have one or more listed officers.

Typically, our clients order the Nevada Corporation, Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program and the Nominee Service together as a package. To establish a Nevada Corporation with the Nevada Corporate Office Headquarters Program and Nominee Service, visit our secure order center .

What You Can Achieve

You can legally take advantage of many outstanding tax benefits and lower your taxes to only 15%. You can eliminate state income taxes. You can delay paying your taxes for another year. Whether your profits are realized through regular investing, a long-term trading approach, capital gains or dividend income, can create a structure for you that will best meet your tax-reduction needs.

15% Tax on Profits

How much do you pay in taxes on your personal income? With the IRS, the more you make, the higher percentage of your income goes to the government. Many states also impose a personal income tax. You are probably also paying Social Security taxes at 12.4%. Medicare takes 2.9%. You may also be paying FUTA, workers compensation, transportation taxes and so on. One man calculated that with all government taxes and deductions, he was paying 62% of his income to the government. He was left with only 38¢ out of every $1 earned (39.6% fed + 12.4% social security* + 9.3% state + 2.9% Medicare + misc. taxes). Then there are also capital gains taxes. You pay those on your gross capital gains and there are few deductions. What if you could take the top $50,000 you earned (the money taxed in your highest tax bracket) and transfer it to an account that would be taxed at only 15%? You can. The first $50,000 earned by a corporation is taxed at only 15%! A corporation pays no social security taxes, no Medicare and no workers compensation on its own income. Would you like a new tax plan saves you over $20,000 in taxes every year? Would that help your investments grow much more rapidly? You can.

If you are only in the 28% federal tax bracket and you move $50,000 of your income into a corporation you will save $6500 per year in taxes based on current tax tables. This is just on federal income tax alone. Not to mention Social Security taxes, state taxes, etc. If you are in the 39.6% tax bracket if you decide to let your corporation earn $100,000, you can save $17,350 every year in federal income taxes.

No State Taxes on Profits

Federal taxes (including income tax, social security tax, Medicare tax, etc.) typically take 35% to 50% or more of your personal income. In addition, your state may also take a chunk of your personal income. What is your state tax rate? How much of your income did the state take from your earnings on your tax returns last year? If it was any, how would you like to reduce that to zero on certain portions of your income? In Nevada , there is not any state income tax on corporations, so there are not any state tax returns to complete in Nevada.

Privacy, Anonymity and Lawsuit Protection

You most likely already know about the privacy benefits available in Nevada . The State of Nevada has not signed an information sharing agreement with the IRS. So, Nevada does not share tax information that might raise a red flag in an IRS computer. Shareholders of a Nevada corporation are not a matter of public record. Therefore, you can own a Nevada corporation and you may be the only one who knows that you own it. However, your corporation must be established from the beginning in the proper manner in order to achieve this privacy. When establishes your company, you can have a solid foundation for privacy and anonymity. Your name is not associated with the corporation. With our unique strategies, can give you the option of never having your name associated with the corporation in the public records.

It is reported that the average person suffers five lawsuits in his or her lifetime. One of which is a killer lawsuit, taking all or most of one's possessions. With more and more lawsuits being filed, there are legal ways to disassociate yourself from the corporation so that hard-earned money is protected from litigation.

More Money

By taking action today, you can have more money, a larger investment portfolio, much lower taxes on profits, outstanding tax-savings on dividends, no capital gains taxes, increased security, less risk and enhanced privacy. But you ask, "I have saved a lot of money and my investment have grown much faster but how can I spend the money on myself?"

How to Spend the Money


Let's say you want to take a vacation that costs you $5000. That vacation actually costs you MUCH more. The $5000 would have been money left over after taxes. You would have to had earned $8000 to $10,000 or more to take that vacation.

But what if your vacation was tax-deductible through your own properly structured corporation? That would mean that your $5000 trip would only cost you $5000! If you travel at all, a corporation can pay for itself many times over. It gets even more exciting. In addition to the tax breaks, did you know that you could actually be paid to free? When properly established, your corporation can actually pay you a per diem. Each day you are away from home the corporation can pay you for your living expenses for which the corporation can take a tax deduction and you have to pay no taxes personally. Beware that your corporation must be properly established in order to take advantage of this tremendous benefit.

Retirement Security

You can set aside $3000 to $40,000 tax-free in a retirement plan associated with your corporation. The money can grow in the plan tax-free until retirement. In addition, your corporation can match the funds for employees (or one employee if you are operating a one-person corporation). With a corporation, you can actually DOUBLE the tax-deferred income contributed to your retirement plan. There's more. You can also take advantage of a Defined Benefit Plan were you do not have to a set dollar limit. The corporation may be able to make a tax deferred contribution of $100,000 or more every year into your retirement account.

Health Care Deductions

Only 25% of your family's health insurance payment can be deducted from your personal tax returns. 75% of your premiums are not tax deductible! Let's say your insurance is only $1150 per month. that mans that $10,350 per year is not deductible! A "C" corporation, however, can deduct 100% of insurance premium payments. This one benefit alone is a enough of a reason to incorporate.

This benefit gets even better. The corporation can also cover ALL medical costs which the insurance does not cover. This includes, deductibles, co-pays, etc. How much have you spent on dental care, vision, prescriptions, aspirin, bandages, cough remedies, etc? How would you like this to all be 100% tax deductible? What about massages, chiropractic care, counseling and experimental procedures? How would you like to get these expenses paid for you and your family tax-free through your own corporation?


In addition to medical insurance, how would you also like to be able to deduct automobile insurance? Life insurance? These, when properly structured, are available to corporations.

Tax-Deductible Education for Yourself, Your Children, Your Grandchildren

Do you or any family members plan on going to college? Would you like to buy books, acquire audiocassette programs, travel or attend seminars that can enhance your business skills? Would you like to be able to be able to legally deduct these expenses? How much would it save to be able to deduct just one child's college education? $10,000? $30,000? $50,000?

Tax Delay Strategy

A corporation gives you the advantage of an off-tax year end. An individual must have a tax year starting January 1 and ending on December 31 of the same year. You, however, can chose the tax year for your corporation. Let's say you have a corporation established and chose a corporate tax year starting on December 1 and ending on November 30 of the next year. This means that you can move investing profits from yourself personally, for a legitimate business reason, into your corporation some time in December. Let's say you could take a personal tax deduction for moving the money out of your name and into the corporation. And your corporation, barring quarterly reporting, won't have to pay taxes on the income until January more than one year later. Instead of having to pay personal taxes by the end of the year, the taxes are delayed an additional year. If you have stocks, real estate or other investments, you don't have to sell your investments to transfer them to the corporation. You simply sign a transfer form with your broker (or record a quit claim deed for real estate). In addition, during the following year, one can take advantage of the many corporate tax-deduction strategies mentioned above so the corporation may be able to reduce the taxes even further...or avoid taxes on the income all together.

What if you set up a second corporation owned by a trusted friend or relative with a tax year-end of June 30? What would happen if you moved the profits from corporation number 1 into corporation number 2 for a legitimate business reason shortly after June 30? How much money would corporation number 1 have by it's year end? (This requires setting up corporations so they are not part of a "controlled goup.") If corporation number one had no profits by its tax year end, how much money would it owe in taxes? How does zero sound?

What about double taxation?

Do you want to enjoy the money you have made and saved through you corporation? If you take the money as a dividend that money will be double-taxed. So the answer is simple: don't pay dividends ... ever ... and you won't have to worry about double-taxation. To date Microsoft has never paid a dividend. Top investor Warren Buffett's invests through his corporation. His corporation does not pay dividends.

Then how can you get the money? It's simple. Pay yourself a salary or a bonus. Your salary or bonus is a tax-deductible expense to the corporation, so no income taxes are due from the corporation on this money. You simply pay at your personal tax rates.

Keeping the Money Invested

Keep in mind that a corporation is a person; a legal person created by legal statute. That legal person you have created can be operated so it can invest for you and pay less taxes than you. Let's say that you want to change directions and start a new business. You can use the same corporation you use for investing purposes or, more preferably from a liability standpoint, start another corporation. Your first corporation can buy stock in your second corporation to provide it with seed capital to get the business started. What if you want to use some of the money your first corporation has earned to use as venture capital to invest in someone else's business? You have this option as well.

Real Estate

A corporation can also invest in real estate. It can buy single family homes, apartment buildings, commercial property and so on. Say you found a real bargain...a property that you can buy for 60 cents on the dollar. Can you have your corporation buy it. Yes, you sure can. Let's say the real estate market has a big upturn. Can your corporation sell it for a profit? Absolutely, yes. Can the corporation buy a condo in Hawaii , hire a management company, and lease it out by the day or week as a business? Yes. Could the officers of the corporation come to Hawaii and check on and stay for a while in the condo with tax-deductible dollars? Yes.

Buy Toys

What if you decide it's time to relax and enjoy the money that you've made. You have your mind set on an item outside of the investing realm. Say you have your heart set on a new forty-foot yacht? Can a corporation buy such a luxury item? Yes, it can. Can it write off such an enjoyable craft? Well, perhaps, but you would more likely justify it as an investment. We are simply investing with after-corporate-tax dollars. We think that this yacht will go up in value by 35% over the next few years. Many companies make money by buying and selling luxury items such as boats and classic cars. If you think it's something you can make money at, why not enjoy it along the way? We also have a right in this country to lose money on investments. Have you ever lost money on any trades in the stock market or other investment vehicle? Does the IRS allow us do deduct these losses from investment gains? Yes, again.

What else might you want to do? Do you want to pay off your home? Do you want more money to spend? Do you want to be able to pay less money in taxes? Click on the ORDER NOW link and get started today.

What Do I Have to Do?

In order to lower your taxes and eliminate state taxes on corporate income, your corporation must be established and based in an income-tax free state such as Nevada . It must have an actual office presence. Here are the four tests your corporation must pass:

1. It must have an actual Nevada business address and cancelled checks or credit card statements showing that it has paid for its own business location.

2. Your corporation must have a Nevada phone number.

3. Your corporation must have a business license if applicable to it's line of business.

4. Your corporation must have a bank or brokerage account in Nevada .

(From Dr. Arnold Goldstein, LLM, PhD "Asset Protection Secrets" and Michael Potter, Esq., Kevin Day, Esq., National Asset Protection Institute. "Lawsuits, Taxes, and Asset Protection") provides an actual office presence for your corporation that passes the four legal tests. Please see the Headquarters Program.

* ssi paid on set limits of income.

Incorporate online right now and find out how easy
it really is to have your own corporation.

All that, Nevada Corporation and associated persons, natural or otherwise does is done with the understanding that they are not engaged in rendering tax, legal or other professional advice. If such advice is needed, the services of an appropriately licensed practicing professional should be sought.

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